REAL CONNECTIONS: A Youth-led Vision for Mentorship
May 5, 9:30am – 11am
Co-developed and co-led by youth leaders with experience in foster care, this session will illuminate what young people want and what they actually mean when asking for a ‘mentor’. We will discuss Think of Us’ recent findings from surveys and focus groups on how youth characterize and feel about the relationships in their lives. We will hear directly from youth what they are looking for in a ‘mentor’, i.e. role, characteristics, values and why these relationships thrive or fail. Youth will also share feedback about how they prefer to engage with mentors, especially in a virtual setting, to develop trust and create authentic connections.
Alain Datcher, Executive Director, LA County Youth Commission
Vinny D’Averso, Mentor Program Director, Alliance for Children’s Rights
Anna Judson, Youth Speaker, UC Berkeley Guardian Scholars Student, MAPS
Perla Lozano, Youth Speaker, Foster Greatness Mentor, Doing Good Works, MAPS
Latrice Marie,  Youth Speaker, Better Youth/RightWay Foundation
Alexis Obinna,  Youth Speaker, Scholar, Ready to Succeed LA
Chloe Renee, Youth Speaker, Better Youth
Alicia Smith, Former Foster Youth, UCLA MSW Student & Foster Together Network Backbone Team Member
Shantell Steve, Manager of Lived Experience, Think of Us

Angela Young, Youth Speaker, Commissioner, LA County Youth Commission

 *To reach out to any of our youth speakers, please email Lauren Nichols
May 12, 9:30am – 11am
Join us for an inspiring panel conversation highlighting how several diverse agencies are embracing innovation to create and sustain supportive relationships for foster youth. We will explore unconventional program models, lift up unique approaches to support relationship development, and unpack the fundamental philosophies that define these exceptional youth mentoring organizations. We will have the opportunity for robust Q&A, so please bring your questions to make this an interactive forum!


Judy Brevaire, Program Director, Rancho San Antonio Boys Home
Lisa Campbell-Motton, Director, LA County Probation Child Welfare
Irving Chavez, Youth Services Director, Just in Time
Zaid Gayle, Founder and Executive Director, Peace4Kids
Tamara Hunter, Executive Director, LA County Commission for Children & Families
Shonda Jones, Mentor, Peace4Kids
D’Artagnan Scorza, Director, LA County Anti-Racism, Diversity & Inclusion Initiative
Don Wells, Chief Empowerment Officer, Just in Time
May 19, 9:30am – 11am
Building on parent voices, this session paints a vision of how resource parent mentorship can play a defining role in ensuring both quality care for our youth as well as parent well-being. It answers prominent challenges and questions about how we can all nurture optimal parent mentorship– such as how mentors can help nurture positive relationships between birth and resource parents, what resources are available for LA families, and how parent and youth mentorship needs differ. Local, State and national level experts, including parent leaders, will share their knowledge with an eye toward action.
Jorie Das, Interim Executive Director, Friends LA
Dayna Freier, Director of Operations, Fostering UNITY
Andrya Markham-Moguel, Division Chief, Department of Child and Family Services
Lou Moore, Executive Director, Foster All
Jennifer Rexroad, Co-Founder & Executive Director, California Alliance of Caregivers
Antonia Rios, Parent Partner Coordinator, Raising the Future
Rabbi Susan Silverman, Executive Director, Second Nurture
Nicole Trimble, Parent Leader
Joe Womac, President, Specialty Family Foundation
California Parent & Youth Helpline (8am-8pm, daily): Free to all youth and those in a parenting role.  Call/text: 855-427-2736. Live chat:


CA DHCS Peer Support Services (SB 803) Info, requiring DHCS to seek federal approval to establish Peer Specialist as a provider type and to provide distinct peer support services under the SMHS and DMC-ODS programs

LA County Foster Youth Mentoring Directory


Parent-Caregiver Landscape Analysis Report  

June 8, 2022 – CA Caregivers Alliance Textured Hair Care training (virtual). Free products for children in/from foster care. 

Supporting Workforce Success for Foster Youth

Nov 8, 1pm – 2:30pm
May 19, 9:30am – 11am
Join us on Nov 8at  for this follow-up to our mentorship-focused Spring series,  as Franco Vega and Andraya Slyter of The RightWay Foundation walk through practical applications for recognizing, empathizing & countering the manifestations of trauma for foster youth within the workplace. This session will be more exercise-driven as opposed to lecture driven!

Franco Vega, Executive Director & Founder, The RightWay Foundation
Andraya Slyter, Chief Operating Officer, The RightWay Foundation
Alicia Smith, Social Impact Coordinator, Foster Together Network and Big Orange Splot

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